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Landscape & Nature

Dejan is a great friend of the Durmitor mountain, truly amazed admirer of our Milky Way , and a passionate lover of sunsets he catches on the beaches of Montenegro. With that being said, his photographs inevitable contain a deeper understanding of Nature’s rhythm, making his work more then just visual appealing – he captures both “body and soul” of the Nature, and that’s why his photos can be seen as “portraits” of many Nature’s faces, rather then just landscapes. Foggy mysterious dawns on Fruska Gora and magnificent lightning storms are a part of his regular photo journey since 2016, in Novi Sad, where he lives, with his Senegal parrot Rale, who is his best model by far! Nevertheless his love for wide and spacious, he is also fond of the macro world, where he shows his incredible ability to catch details. Dejan is a proud owner of the mighty Nikon D750, and his absolute favorite lenses are Nikon’s 20mm f1.8 and Tamron’s 70-210 f4 G2.

My short story for Nomadict Magazine is here!


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